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Wondrous the hatch wine
A Short Story
by philbert o’flannigan

Grayson was thinking about the hatch wine again. the hatch was a wondrous worm with awkward face and sexy nipple.

Grayson walked over to the window and reflected on his rustic surroundings. He had always loved sexy west Kelowna with its wonderful, wooden wine. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel elated.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the a wondrous figure of the hatch wine.

Grayson gulped. He glanced at his own reflection. He was a somber, sexy, wine drinker with slender face and sleek nipple. His friends saw him as a black, barbecued beard. Once, he had even helped a raccoon cross the road.

But not even a somber person who had once helped a raccoon cross the road, was prepared for what the hatch had in store today.

The hatch teased like frolicking pig, making Grayson willy. Grayson grabbed a bulky bottle that had been strewn nearby; he massaged it with his fingers.

As Grayson stepped outside and the hatch came closer, he could see the vacant glint in her eye.

“I am here because I want excitement,” the hatch bellowed, in an aloof tone. She slammed her fist against Grayson’s chest, with the force of 4818 rats. “I frigging love you, Grayson .”

Grayson looked back, even more willy and still fingering the bulky bottle. “the hatch, you make me whole,” he replied.

They looked at each other with excited feelings, like two excited, elated elephant dancing at a very curious wine, which had jazz music playing in the background and two simple uncles crying to the beat.

Grayson regarded the hatch’s awkward face and sexy nipple. He held out his hand. “Let’s not fight,” he whispered, gently.

“Hmph,” pondered the hatch.

“Please?” begged Grayson with puppy dog eyes.

the hatch looked cumbersome, her body blushing like a clever, cloudy cork.

Then the hatch came inside for a nice glass of wine.