The hobo-moth, Chairman of the Board May 5, 1915 – Posted in: other extraordinary endeavours, the art, the people

The over-seer of all things here at ‘the hatch’, our chairman of the board comes to us with lofty credentials.

Born on October 13, 1925, in Grantham, England, she attended Oxford University earning a degree in chemistry in 1947, and went on to work as a research chemist in Colchester. Later, she worked as a research chemist in Dartford. Always a fan of education, she later returned to school and received a degree in law; but a higher power was calling. That power, was politics. Starting in ’57, she spent nearly the next 35 years in office, rising to the pinnacle of power. On November 28, 1990, she left office for the last time and decided the time was right to take a position in the private sector; Chairman of the Board of ‘the hatch amalgamated holdings and salvage fisheries’, as it was known then. With a life in politics firmly in the rearview mirror, she still claims the likes of Robert Mugabe as a close and personal friend. Her favourite wine is Pinot Noir, and she has a cat named ‘Marvin’ who is well known on the property amongst guest and employees.