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It was with little fanfare or expectation that we opened ‘the hatch’ exactly 2 trips around the sun ago from this very day; a day I like to call ‘today’. It was a day I remember fondly, kind of. I recall it was a beautiful and warm Saturday morning that Jesse and I waddled down to hatch, swept the floors and unlocked the door for the first of many times. I remembering standing at the shelf of wines and looking at him and asking ‘You really think people are actually going to like this?’ Neither of us had an answer for that much vexing question. We expected a relatively easy going day, we’d pour some wines, tell some tales and probably drink quite a bit of it ourselves along the way. Needless to say, from minute 1 it has been a wild ride beyond our expectations. That was also the day two other remarkable humans came into my/our lives; a chubby yet coquettish Grayson Riordan and an always sunny and sassy Jonny Bernard. Was that happenstance? Possibly, I don’t really know that word means but it sounds like it should be. That first day was, and pardon my language, a flippping mess. Probably more accurate, it was a true Screaming Frenzy. Yet somehow, we made it through Day 1 and off we were. I recall after that day sitting up at the homestead hacking a pack of darts and sculling a bottle of Dynasty White thinking to myself ‘what the hell have we created?’

We set out years ago to create something unique, fun, different, eccentric and entirely cromulent in the truest sense of the word. We set out to embiggen the spirits of all who came across us. We set out to have some laughs, share some great wines, and amuse and bemuse along the way. We’ve certainly made our share of mistakes along the way, but we’ve certainly gotten some things right along the way too. Something things have changed, some people have moved on. We’ve had our share of laughs and a few harrowing moments along the way. Our promise to you is that each and every day we’re making this hatch the hatchiest hatch there ever was and ever will be. A massive thank you to anyone who has encountered us and enjoyed us even just a little bit and even to those select few who haven’t enjoyed us; we’re fueled by love but a little hate along the way only makes us and our resolve that much stronger. And an eternal thanks to the Arch Deacon, Jesse Harnden, who has since moved on and is currently in Uruguay bathing lepers and non-lepers alike. Those are some fortunate lepers to be in your hands right now and we wish you and them well.

Also owed a debt of eternal thanks for helping us get to where we are is the incredible Paul Morstad, you Sir are a beacon of light for humanity. This place is as much about your art as it is our wine. Thank you from the bottom of my so-called heart. And to the cuddliest and cutest (and most talented) winemaker there ever could be, Jason Parkes and your band of misfits and regular fits. This place is yours and wouldn’t be what it is without you. To hatchling #1 and hatch employee of the month a record 24 consecutive months, Kelly. U go Girl. You saved our metaphorical balls back then, and you made the hatch what is as much as any of us. To Grayson, to Jonny – U go Girls as well. And together, let’s all go together. Together, forever. Inextricably linked in the world of wine and the wine of the world.

2 years ago today I could never imagine that the answer to that question would be a mostly resounding ‘holy shit yes!’ It’s incredible and humbling and we’ll keep doing our best to keep you liking us or die trying. Now it’s time to shut up and drink some wine.

Speaking of, if I’ve lured you over to the website here, why not buy some wine? Let’s offer you a special ordering code: hatchaversary – that will save you 15% and the hatch Prince of Tides, Grayson Riordan, will personally dry hump each and every box of wine before shipping. Now that’s a hatch innovation!

God Bless you all.

– The Chief Steward,
Andrew J. Melville