It’s pronounced “lef-tenant”, actually June 22, 2017 – Posted in: the place, the wine – Tags: , , , , ,

Some wines mean more to us than other, I have to say. As much as we like to think of the wines we make as our ‘bottle babies’, in more honest reflection they’re more like our pupils or students. And like a classroom full of kids you have a wide range skills and potential. As good teachers, we try our best each and every day to give these kids the tools they need to be successful whatever they choose to do in life. Do you want to be drank on a patio in your first year? We say go for it, kid. Or are you the more introspective type and want to evolve and philosophize deep in a cellar for 20 years? Yeah, we can help you with that too. Over the years though, there are certain ‘kids’ you root for a bit more, ones that you remember fondly that much more than other ones. Collectively, one of our favourite pupils in the history of hatch-academy has been the ’13 Broken Barrel Syrah; a wine many of you have never really heard of or even seen perhaps. We’re super protective of that wine. It had a tough childhood even though from a super early age it oozed potential and genius. Even despite a near fatal accident (hence the moniker of ‘The Broken Barrel’) we’ve watched and nurtured this wine into the world today and today we receive news that it has won one of the most genuinely prestigious awards in Canada; the Lt. Governor’s award. ‘”2017s winning wines represent the best from our province” said (the Honourable Judith) Guichon. ͞The hundreds of exceptional wines entered each year make it a challenge to select just twelve winners.͟ This year, 486 wines were submitted by 132 wineries for judging. The winners are:’ a very impressive collection of wines, I have to say. The fact our blossoming little tyke made this list fills us with more joy than you can imagine. Congrats to Jason, Brodie, Corey, Colin, Jon-Rae, Kelly and the JPC Team as a whole, this one is for you and it’s our honour to be the ones who get to school and educate this wine and people on this wine and stash a few ourselves. Can’t wait to see how this little guy turns out in life, but so far I have to say this kid is going places. Next stop, Cambridge!

Now you probably want to buy this wine, don’t you? I shall not blame you for that.