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the hatch 2016 Rosso di Quattro ,

And gather the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.” (Isaiah 11:12)

Now let us gather ’round this humble hatch and rejoice as our intrepid hero returns to the nest with tales of fortune. Though one must consider that what once was is no more, yet akin to the Phoenix emerging from its ashes, Ross has metamorphosed onto an entirely advanced level of consciousness and existence; something entirely new while being entirely familiar. Fear not the change good friend as we forge onto a new future of whimsy and winsomeness.


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Sadly, we be pouring out some liquor for our boy, Trey and thank him for locking down that shelf like a dawg. Also though, it’s great to introduce our newest boy in the hood, Rosso di Quattro aka Q. The homeboy Q here throws up the same signs and wears the same colour as the other G’s, but this playa is from Desert Valley yo and straight-up Merlot y’all. True to his roots though, Q is all about that fruit forward, savory refreshing style, no set trippin. For realz. Q represents what life in the Ross gang is all about. Now, please do throw your hands in the air and ideally wave them around like you just don’t care. Q be in the hizzy!

But really, who is this wine they call ‘Ross O.’?

Find out that, and more, here: