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the hatch 2016 Merle ,

There is no better time than now to let Merle steal your heart much like the blackbirds themselves on a warm autumn afternoon

‘lou seme doù flube’


Coming soon, yo!

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Merle is our newest hobo friend, we’re mighty excited to introduce him to you. But who is this Merle and where did he come from? Well, sit down and strap in, I’m taking you for a walk. A walk of truth. So up in the cellar we had this wine, this Merlot. It was only a small handful of barrels made of grapes grown at the Covert Farm vineyard Coyote block which is pretty cool stuff right there and demanded something unique. So I called Paul and we talked Merlot and what piece of his art spoke truest to this wine and for the first time ever he didn’t have one. The decision was then made to start fresh and create a brand new character for us, named Merle. As we studied the history of this grape we found out that the name ‘Merlot’ comes from the black birds (brilliant) that would specifically eat this grape variety near harvest. Those birds were called Merles, and that name spread to the vine and became ‘Merlot’. With that, Merle the grape thief was born.

Raised for 2 years in new French Oak, this site seems to produce really dark, tannic wines. Merle has elegance, but also tonnes of depth and intensity. Inky is a great to describe it too. He’s a big boy right now so I think giving it some time will pay off dearly.

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