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the hatch 2016 Dynasty Red ,

This Dynasty starts in selected blocks from our two best vineyards deep in the soul of Osoyoos; Monarch Vineyard and the impregnable Hans Estate. For it, we combined Syrah, Malbec and Merlot this vintage. Raised in all new French oak for 18 months, the goal was to make a wine of opulence, texture and most of all, big flavour. Some might describe this wine as a ‘velvet slipper’ and I shan’t disagree. Not that I ever did. The Syrah contributed structure, black pepper and boysenberry while the Malbec rounded it all out with some black cherry charm, luscious pluminess, and both pop out notes of lilac and lavender. Yes, this wine does have it going on. Drink now, or let your Dynasty develop for an eon of your own.



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Inspired by Paul’s work, ‘Hobo Dynasty’, our Dynasties are wines made for the pure, hedonistic sake of the wines themselves and will always be the pinnacle of the hatch wine hierarchy.