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2015 Screaming Frenzy Meritage ,

Vintage of the century 2015

Vineyard – Monarch Vineyard

Region – Lower Osoyoos Bench

Thoughts – This vintage was hatched in the South Okanagan in the Monarch Vineyard to be exact. This incredible vineyard is on the lower Osoyoos Bench and is a unique mix of deep sand and rocky terroir. It’s also perfectly South-West facing and is one of the most warm sites in the entire OK. So yeah, you want a big beast you gotta go to the source.

Why you should care – This wine has developed a fair reputation for being a big brute, and we just might have out-done ourselves this time around. A blend of 47% Cab. Franc, 36% Cab. Sauv, 10% Merlot and 7% Malbec. Now you do the math. Is that your final answer? Well, let’s hope you came up with ‘What is a ripe, super textured and powerful wine with oodles of blackberry cassis, spice and herb dusted leather. Fine tannins, soft acid and the official dinosaur of The Okanagan makes this my favourite BC red wine.’ Somewhere, Alex Trebek is smiling away.


Out of stock

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Frenzy Meritage! The finest Winosaurus in-town!