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Screaming Frenzy 2018 Sauvignon Blanc ,

We wanted to create a Sauvignon Blanc that was a proper contrast to Oyster Bay (or at the very least, Monkey Bay) while staying true to our land and variety. We were fortunate to find a cooler vineyard site that’s way more suitable for proper Savvy, errr, Sauvignon Blanc, than most places in the valley. Situated North and to the West of Oliver, this location need not be a cloudy bay as it gets optimal exposure as is.

If you’re looking for asparagus, peas, herbs, grass, kohlrabi or whatever, this is not the wine for you. What we bring to the table is fresh citrus, stone fruit and honeydew melons along with some zippalicious acidity and a smidgebit of minerality. Now what to pair this with is the big question?

Food Pairing: Maybe some goat cheese? Or like what do you think? hhhhmmm…….


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