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Screaming Frenzy 2018 Rosé ,

Vintage of the century: 2018
Vineyard: Jagger Rock, Similkameen Valley
The perfect selection of grapes: 83.33% Merlot & 16.67% Pinot Gris
Method of pinkification: Saignee Merlot, Skin contact (8 hours) Pinot Gris

Why you should care: The Pastel Pachyderm is the quintessential summer sipper, and lovely with holiday birds all year long. It takes flight with a dizzying array of jasmine, spice, sun soaked strawberries, and framed with oodles of freshness and flavour. Sip on this by the pint with your your favourite charcuterie, cheeses, ethnic takeaway, spot prawns and/or field berries.

Shade of pink: Amaranth


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The pastel pachyderm is back!