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The Hatch Rhymes with Door Hinge 2015
What rhymes with door hinge? Not quite orange, though that is the hue, and style, of this new release from The Hatch. Kerner, schoenburger and chardonnay were cofermented and kept on skins for six weeks in old puncheons. High toned, lower acid, with orange blossom, peach, perfumed fennel on a light-bodied, finely textured palate, one that kisses with herbal nectarine sweetness on the finish. Well done. Only 100 cases made.
– 88 points, Treve Ring Gismondi on Wine January 2017


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Let’s start with the art:
Inspired by Paul’s beautiful ‘Earl Gray’, this painting is a depiction of an elderly couple fleeing domestic despair and drowning in Tea. It was infact painted with Earl Grey tea, and according to Paul himself the tea was ‘heavily steeped’.

Great, what does that have to do with wine?
This is an orange wine, our first of at that. Fleeing the despair of our domestic boredom; enough white, red and rose wine. We needed something new and exciting to jolt our vinous imagination. We made this wine, and instantly thought of this favourite of Paul’s work. And the wine has notes of ‘bergamot’ as well, so that was a bonus.

Remind me what an orange wine is again?
From the archives: ‘A style of wine (usually dry wine) made from white wine grape varieties that have spent some maceration time in contact with the grape skins, giving the wine an orange color.’
This style of wine is a trendy new addition to the wine world where a wine is meant to have the structure and phenolics of a red wine, but delicate and refreshing like a white. Or so goes the theory.

Fabulous. What does this actually taste like?
We wanted to err on the side of caution, and wanted our orange to have a fruit component that we find lacks from a lot of these wines. So we made ours from Kerner, Schönburger and Chardonnay; co fermented and kept on the skins for 6 weeks in two historic puncheons. This provides unique and high-toned aromas of nut mixed with stone fruit and fresh bread. the palate is textured, dare I say tannic (like a soft red) that adds notes of juniper, nectarine and that bergamot. The acidity is low and the intensity high. Enjoy the ride.