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the hatch 2014 ‘hatchchild’ ,


Vineyard: Born and raised in the sandy streets of East Osoyoos this kid calls Hans Estate Vineyard home. This 10 acre gem is exactly the advantageous start any child could ever want to have when it comes to success; despite the rowdy neighbours.

Tell me about the liquid, please: Luxurious and silky. Deep, dark and delicious. That how it begins and that’s how it ends, but in-between you get loads of dark fruit, eucalyptus and exotic spice aromatics. Enticing and exciting elegance are the 3 e’s you’ll notice about the pallet. Make sure to sit by a fire and make sure your glass if full for up to 6 years.

Favourite Bordeaux 2nd growth: Ch. Palmer, obviously.


Historically, what has this wine been?: This wine has been our salute to Cabernet Sauvignon. As you also might know, Cab Sauv doesn’t do super well in the Okanagan and we don’t always get that grape done properly here. Thusly, this vintage is a Cabernet Franc and Syrah blend. What does that have to do with Bordeaux as this label depicts? Well, in the old old days of Bx, they had problems getting Cab ripe enough and dark enough so they’d truck in Syrah from the South and secretly blend it with the Cab. Voila! Secrets out and it’s delicious. Approachable now and all winter long.


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‘A nice improvement this year thanks to a fruit source change from the Oliver Inkameep Vineyard to what the Hatch boys describe as “the sandy streets of East Osoyoos”, better known as Hans Estate Vineyard. Plenty of heat units should ensure physiological or phenolic ripeness but there is no mistaking the varietal, leafy, cassis fruit aromas and flavours. The tannins are well managed and seem to be appropriate for the warm, peppery finish. Best now with cheese or grilled meats, or wait three-to-five years for the oak to settle in and the wine to find its feet. 88 points‘ – Anthony Gismondi, Gismondi on Wine. Tasted January 23rd 2018