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hatch jam

‘A debut jarring from the hatch, who are folks better known for a dizzying array of wine, jumps into the ever competitive jam racket with a major and compelling offering. This jam is made of all Pinot Noir fruit from West Kelowna, one of the finer Sub-Appellations for jams and has been enjoying a string of strong jamming vintages dating back to the vaunted 2009 jam vendage. Upon opening the lid, jammers will be greeted with jammy aromas of grape, spice and whispers of cranberry. The mouthfeel is perfectly jammy and spreads across the palate or piece of toast with grace and ease, leading into a long, delineated and jammy finish. I feel that this jam could spread nicely on a wide range of foods from bread to pancakes. Kudos to ‘the hatch’ for their debut jam, it’s now on the radar and we look forward to further jams down the line. Jam now, or cupboard for up to 3 months. 92 points– Randall Merkin, The Jam Advocate #169


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Jam that hatch! hatch that Jam! Now you too can spread us out on your toast every morning with hatch jam from local cool people, Rad Jamz. This is all Pinot Noir based and is the best jam you can have for $9.99.