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Gobsmacked n/v Sparkling Bobbly ,

You know how they say life is what happens when you are busy making other plans? Well, I can confirm that this statement is 100% true. When I started in this industry I was just looking for a seasonal job – something that would put some money in my pocket and allow me to go back on tour with my band, playing punk rock and acting stupid. 15 years and 30 pounds later I find myself as a winemaker, husband, and father. When I was in the band I used to make music for myself. In the wine industry, I make wine for other people – wine that some people seem to enjoy. With Crown and Thieves and Gobsmacked, I finally have the opportunity to make wine the way I used to make music and I am very excited…

My daughter Piper is quite the character, she surprises me every day with her energetic take on life and unique bubbly perspective. So when she drew this picture of a friend’s yet unborn baby, insisting it was a boy, and even more adamant that he was to be named “Bob”, we stashed it away, knowing it would one day be a gobsmacked release. When the time finally came to bottle this “Bob”bly concoction, we couldn’t find the drawing. “Bob” had gone missing. Eventually, I found “Bob” holed up in a box of HVAC parts I had in my garage and we slapped him on the bottle where he belongs. Please enjoy this wine very, very cold, Bob likes the cold.
Jason Parkes – Some guy

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‘Get wobbly with Bobbly!’ – Stephanie LeBlanc, wine taster and all around lovely person