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Gobsmacked 2015 Cyclops Love by JPC ,

The debut release from Jason Parkes’ custom line, Gobsmacked. The fascinating label was drawn by Jason’s 9 year old daughter.

A unique blend full of love and flavour, this batch of the Cyclops is an Alsace-ish blend of 34% Pinot Aux, 28% Muscat, 21% Schönburger and 17% Riesling

Never before have we tasted a wine like this. At once, it’s fat and rich but also blessed with laser-like acidity. You don’t see a wine with this much lusciousness that is also refreshing to drink. Lots of fruit flavours and underpinned by a beguiling sense of minerality. Like the label, this wine is as unique as anything you will ever find.




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Jason Parkes Customs Gobsmacked Cyclops Love 2015
There’s little doubt we can mirror Alsace in BC. Sometimes we do it so well we are gobsmacked by the results. Enter winemaker Jason Parkes. Gobsmacked ‘Cyclops Love’ is an Alsace-ish blend of 34 percent pinot auxerrois, 28 percent muscat, 21 percent schönburger and 17 percent riesling. I’m thinking it’s a bit Edelzwicker in style, as in a dry light wine that is a blend of several white grape varieties from the Alsace region. Bright and fresh, it’s a little less floral and little more piney than its German kin, with dried herbs and orange peel notes on the finish. The colourful ‘kid’ label was drawn by Jason’s 7-year-old daughter.
– 87 points, Anthony Gismondi Gismondi on Wine January 2017

‘Spontaneously delicious! Grounded soul, with electric function’ – A wise lad name Robert