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Gobsmacked 2016 Cyclops Love by JPC ,

Never before have we tasted a wine like this. At once, it’s fat and rich but also blessed with laser-like acidity. You don’t see a wine with this much lusciousness that is also refreshing to drink. Lots of fruit flavours and underpinned by a beguiling sense of minerality. Like the label, this wine is as unique as anything you will ever find.
Cyclops this year is a masterful mixture of Muscat, Pinot Aux and a dollop of the G.

The fascinating label was drawn by Jason’s 9 year old daughter.



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‘The 2016 sounds as if it gobsmacked winemaker Jason Parkes who calls it “At once, fat and rich but also blessed with laser-like acidity.” The latest blend is muscat and pinot auxerrois with a twist of gewürztraminer giving it, yet again, a nod to the Alsace Edelzwicker style. Indeed, it’s aromatic and ripe but with fresh, floral fruit and enough minerality to draw you back into the glass time after time. The colourful ‘kid’ label is courtesy of Jason’s 7-year-old daughter. Jason suggests you serve it with hotdogs on the beach and we can’t wait. 87 points
– Anthony Gismondi, Gismondi on Wine. Tasted Feb 12 2018

‘Spontaneously delicious! Grounded soul, with electric function’ – An actual review of Cyclops Love