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Gobsmacked 2018 ‘Flipping the Bird’ Pink

Best Enjoyed Upside Down

A few years back, my parents founded Parrot Island, a non-profit sanctuary for abandoned and abused exotic birds in Peachland BC.

My father saw a growing need for a facility to house the birds that are abandoned by their owners due to the problems that can arise when a child is given a parrot as a gift. Parrots are intelligent animals with long lifespans, and over time can develop anti-social behaviour when their owners “move on” to other things. With a waiting list of over 100 birds, the need for donations never wanes. That’s where this bottle of wine comes in.

A portion of the profits from the sale of this bottle will be donated to Parrot Island. I hope that this will not only help raise the money needed to continue operating the facility, but will also help to raise awareness.

This wine is a masterful mixture of Merlot and Gamay (#goGamaygo). This bird is loaded with hints of wild strawberries and grapefruit. Drink it cold and pair it with almost anything.

Jason Parkes


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