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Dynasty White - BC White Wine from the hatch in West Kelowna

Dynasty White

‘“History is filled with the sound of silken slippers going downstairs and wooden shoes coming up’ – Voltaire
From ancient Egypt, the Carolingian Empire and Imperial China amongst others, the world as whole has been dictated by the concept of a ‘Dynasty’. Dynasties end and dynasties begin, and the world of wine is no different. Inspired by Paul’s work, ‘Hobo Dynasty’, our Dynasties are wines made for the pure, hedonistic sake of the wines themselves and will always be the pinnacle of the hatch wine hierarchy.

Some might say, ‘it’s all coming together’ and with this, it really did. This wine defied vineyards, and it goes beyond the grapes themselves. This first thing one might notice about this wine is the texture; it has heft but also freshness. The Chardonnay is the frame for this house, the Pinot Gris the fruit and the Viognier adds the apricot, jasmine and honeysuckle.


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New Vintage coming soon!