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Crown + Thieves 2016 Roussanne Viognier

Roussanne is arguably one of the most amazing white grapes and it’s peak can produce some of the finest dry whites in the world. The problem is, it’s hard to grow and harder to vinify so you don’t see much of it. It’s starting to make some in-roads here in the Okanagan which is really exciting as it’s showing some promise. I’ve described Roussanne as being like ‘Chardonnay on steroids’; it loves oak, is super rich and textured. This wine has all the elements of this grape you could ask for with the jasmine, pear skin and honeysuckle framed by the additional texture of older neutral oak. The addition of the Viognier lifts the aromatics and adds an intriguing exotic sense to the wine.
Very drinkable now, I’m genuinely curious to see this wine in 5 years, and then again in 10.


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