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Bring your B to the beach , ,

It’s almost beach season, and no better way to spend such season with our B and your B too.
Take B to the beach, or other public and private places. This rare and exclusive (and highly sought after) gift boxage contains (I hope your sitting down) ONE bottle of 2016 B. Yanco (our finest Yanco yet), TWO exclusive alt-glass hatch drinking vessels, ONE pair of swanky hatch sunglasses for you and your B to share and shield your balled eyes with; while all encased in a seductive hatch exclusive hand crafted collectible receptacle.
Now featuring artisan twine to secure the glasses to the box!

All that, and more, can be yours for the insanely low price of $35.00 cdn (plus applicable taxes and tariffs)
So what are you waiting for!? The beach , the Bs and your life in general are waiting for you now.


Out of stock

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Whilst predominantly Pinot Blanc, this vintage contains a literal dollop of Gewurztraminer which adds a lovely floral quality, pops out the aromatics and broadens the pallet in the most delightful of ways possible.

The Pinot Blanc was grown on our estate Vineyard in West Kelowna, while the Gewurzt was astutely grown in the warmer hinterlands of Lake Country. No oak was harmed in the creation of B. Yanco. This is an expressive and fruit forward wine that has soft, yet refreshing acidity to it. Despite being charmingly delicate, B. Yanco has an enigmatic degree of depth, richness, wisdom, and concentration.

Fun Factor: 10 out of 10