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Black Swift Vineyards 2015 ‘Hans Estate’ Franc-Syrah ,

The true Grand Cru of the South Okanagan, this 10 acre vineyard is a true gem for the big reds.
Our aim with this wine was to create Mediterranean style offering ala Trévallon of Provence. An equal mix of Cabernet Franc and Syrah, this powerful yet elegant wine is ultimately a unique and true reflection of this great region of our and in particular this incredible and tiny sub-region that is the East Osoyoos Bench and Hans Estate Vineyard.


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‘Hans Estate Vineyard is located directly below the Mission Hill Oculus block on the East Osoyoos Bench. The blend is a very sexy 50/50 cabernet franc/syrah. The nose has an aromatic, perfumed edge with an exotic, fragrant five-spice/tea note that spills onto the palate. Youthful and slightly rambunctious, there is plenty of ripe fruit to embrace here and nothing grilled beef, lamb, or pork won’t subdue for the moment. Still, I would wait three to five years for the wine to really blossom. Well done. 90 points’ – Anthony Gismondi, Gismondi on Wine

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