From No. 5 Orange to Number 9 winery July 28, 2016 – Posted in: other extraordinary endeavours, the people, the place, the wine – Tags: , , , ,

New day, new news. Big news. Our humble little hatch was named the 9th best winery in the the hatch number 9country (of Canada)! That is a humbling recognition and big thanks to everyone involved starting with the best (and cutest!) winemaker this side of the Mason-Dixon line, the proper man himself, Jason Parkes. This award was mainly based on the Platinum (yes, capitalized) for the Black Swift Syrah. This is a wine that truly means a lot to all of us in the organization. In fact, it was this wine itself that personally convinced me that Jason and his team were legitimately elite winemakers way back when this project started. And we haven’t looked back. Typically #5 is more our scene, those of you in Vancouver might get that reference, but being #9 and getting better is a great place to be after 60 weeks of operation.

When it comes down to it, you can’t make good wine from bad grapes, but you also can’t make great wine with out a great winemaker. This one is for you, Jason! Kudos to you and the team up at the mysterious lair, and Kudos to Jesse, Randy, Kelly, Grayson, Casey, Tamara, Jenette, Jonny, Dawn (you’re still there in spirit) and Natasha, who handle the wines with such grace and aplomb. And of course to Scott and Colleen and the best damn vineyard crew in all of Cascadia.

Now, it’s time to shut-up and drink some wine!

Check out the list of awards here:

And confirmation that we’re not making this up: