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the hatch

the hatch. Your favourite hatch

Well, it’s rather hard to believe that this year is almost done and in the proverbial bag. It’s safe to say that 2015 has been by far our best and most successful year to date, not least because it’s been our first and only year. We’re not ones to let small technicalities like that get in the way of things. It’s in this state of wistful reflection where we get to look back upon a year of enthralling highs, dizzying lows and at times, even more dizzying lows but always even more laughter. Love, and laughter. For us, it’s hard to pin down one moment thus far as the hatch-highlight; it’s been far too amazing a ride to pick just one. Thus, a mildly chronological review of the year that was seems in order (for the archive). After all, you only get one ‘first year’ and now that our year of firsts has come to end, it only seems logical to record them for posterity.

January 2015 – The Sultan of Brunei agreed to front us an undisclosed amount of money so we could make this project a reality. Originally slated to be called ‘the hutch’, a typo with the registration bureau made ‘the hatch’ a reality.

February 2015 – Ground was broken on ‘the hatch tasting room and fun emporium’ site. Days later, the shovel was broken and back to Canadian Tire we went; invoice and warranty in hand to replace our trusty steed. New shovels were purchased, and those new shovels quickly went to work. In most wineries, it’s really the shovels that become the unsung heroes. Not at ‘the hatch’ though, and that’s why we proudly showcase each of the heroic shovels that scraped and dug their way to freedom and fame here in the tasting room. ‘Come for the wines, stay for the invigorating antique shovel tour’ is more than just a catchy buzzphrase at the hatch, it’s a way of life.

March 2015 – Honestly, not much happened that month.

April 2015 – The hectic pace of construction continued and the buildings neared completion at a frenetic pace. The fences too. Local resident Walter J. Chesterton said he’d never seen anything like it in all his years! And let us tell you, Walter J. has seem some things.

May 2015 – It was on the 30th of this very month that we received royal accent from Queen Elizabeth II for us to open our doors to almost a half-dozen passionate wine fanciers. It’s a little known law that as a member of the Commonwealth, all Canadian wineries are still required by royal edict to have approval from at least 3 of the Queens 5 corgis before being allowed to open. Emma, Linnet, Willow and Holly were staunchly pro-hatch, with Monty being the only hold-out. But majority rules prevailed and with that, our new era began. Take that Monty!

June 2015 – The people came and the people went. They came in devoid of wine, and left full of merriment and mirth. Also, wine. Those early days were hard on us here as we didn’t have a foggy as to what we were doing. Pour the wines IN the glass!? Novel idea. Our ineptitude was almost our undoing, until star hatchling Kelly arrived and we haven’t looked back since. This marked the beginning of a bold new era at the hatch.

July 2015 – July was named in honor of Julius Caesar. When Julius Caesar died, Quintilis, which was his birth month, was renamed July. Quintilis means “fifth month” in Latin, which represents where this month originally fell in the Roman calendar. Interesting as Julius Caesar is my favourite figure in all of history. Also, we poured a lot of wine and had a lot of laughs.

August 2015 – They call August the ‘dog days of summer’, but I’ve always been more of a cat person. August brought with it glorious sun, heat and waves of excited onlookers and indrinkers. Sauvignon Blanc proved to be the tipple of the month.

September 2015 – Summer came to a close but ‘the hatch’ remained a happening place. The grapes ripened in the glorious late afternoon sun and collectively we had the chance to stare longingly out the window and think of the summer loves from yesteryear. Jessica, I will always love you even though it’s been almost 20 years since our last lake-side kiss and the memories I have of you live within me like an eternal fountain of bliss. We said we’d be together forever, and at that moment we really believed we would. But you had to go back to Minnesota for college and my family never really approved and we just drifted apart from each other’s lives but you never left my heart and what I wouldn’t do just for the chance to look into those beautiful hazel eyes of yours one more time and feel what it was like again and have excitement for life and love in my heart and that feeling of indestructible youth just one more time. To truly feel alive for the first time in decades. But that’s not going to happen so moving on.

October 2015 – This was wine fest month here in The Okanagan and we won some awards! It was fun. Harvest finished and the grapes were all perfect. Every single grape this year was absolutely perfect. Remarkable how that happened. And then I turned 35 and the sensation of my lost youth returned with a vengeance, as happens.

November 2015 – Fall reigned supreme but even more supreme was the passion you all had for our wines. The days were shorter which I’m told had something to do with the Earth’s axis or orbit or the moon or something, but that just meant it was time to complete the annual transition from white to red.

December 2015 – One word: Snowpocalypse. Three more words: Happy New Year

And that’s the year that was at ‘the hatch’. A year like never before and year that will never happen again. As we progress into 2016 and the marvels that wait for us there we thank you for your support and patronage. If you liked us this year, and I presume you did because you’re reading this, than 2016 shall prove to be even more an outrageous experience with wine and good times for all.